Black Box Glass repair system - 10453100

Black Box Glass repair system - 10453100

Product Code: 10453100
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The Black Box is a powerful system for stone chip repair. It is compact, almost silent in operation, and does not need an external power supply thanks to its integrated rechargeable battery. This therefore provides a high degree of user flexibility in stationary or off-site use. Even untrained users achieve professional repair results by using the automatic pre-set repair programmes via intuitive touchscreen menu navigation on the TFT display. The use of high-quality materials ensure a long service life of the device.

PMA/TOOLS is not certified to ship hazardous goods by air freight.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 460 x 360 x 175 mm


1 x Black Box control unit,

1 x polishing compound BB3, 80 ml,

1 x fleece pads, 25 pcs.,

1 x UV sealing resin BB2, 2 ml,

1 x UV repair resin BB1, 14 ml,

1 x USB cable,

1 x powerbank,

1 x micro USB/USB charging cable for powerbank,

1 x injector sealing rings, 100 pcs.,

1 x adapter sealing rings, 100 pcs.,

1 x fixing injection bridge,

1 x heated pen,

1 x injector adapter,

1 x injektor,

1 x connection cable,

1 x Crack Finder,

1 x plastic screw,

1 x UV LED lamp,

1 x mains adapter 230 V,

1 x applicators, 10 pcs.,

1 x syringes with UV protection, 2 pcs.,

1 x blades, 5 pcs.,

1 x UV resin sealing films, 25 pcs.

1 x spiral tube,

1 x IR thermometer,

1 x UV safety goggles,

1 x marking tool,

1 x nylon brush,

1 x manual & information material

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