Headlight polishing kit - 09281118

Headlight polishing kit - 09281118

Product Code: 09281118
Barcode 4250277901142
Weight 1.59 Kg
Availability: 3-5 Days

Headlight lens made of polycarbonate may fade or yellow over the years.

Avoid the expense of replacing those faded headlights with this starter kit for the professional treatment of scratched or yellowed plastic headlight lens. Additionally you will need a drill or our pneumatic orbital sander as well as masking tape to protect the vehicle body.

1 x supporting pad for grinding discs/sponges,
1 x Mirka soft support 5 mm for 77 mm grinding discs,
5 x grinding discs, grain size 3000,
10 x grinding discs, grain size 1500,
10 x grinding discs, grain size 800,
10 x grinding discs, grain size 400,
1 x polishing sponge, yellow,
1 x polishing sponge, white,
1 x polishing cloth, blue, 400 x 400 mm,
1 x fast sealing liquid, 0,5 l,
1 x grinding and deep gloss polish, 0,5 l,
1 x protecting mask,
1 x instructions of use

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