Ombrello Glass treatment, 8 ml in wing ampoule - 13356003

Ombrello Glass treatment, 8 ml in wing ampoule - 13356003

Product Code: 13356003
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Glass treatment in original equipment quality. Penetrates the glass top layer by chemical reaction and seals the surface in such a way that water drops and dirt are carried away by the airstream at speeds over 60 km per hour. Water rolls off immediately even in the worst weather. Used for conditions such as rain and snow. Binding effect by scattered light is avoided. Highly adhesive insect remains are removed easily by the windscreen wipers. The wiper blades last longer and wear on the screen surface is reduced. Frost and ice on the windscreen can be removed more easily.

Ombrello™ sealant only has to be renewed every 25.000 kilometres - depending on the frequency of wiper use.

Ombrello™ greatly improves visibility in bad weather. Used for glass only (not plastics)

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