SensorTack® Heating box, blue - 133601210

SensorTack® Heating box, blue - 133601210

Product Code: 133601210
Barcode 4250277841752
Weight 0.84 Kg
Availability: 3-5 Days

At low temperatures, any two-component silicone product will require additional time to cure. This can create problems for the automotive glass fitter when working at low garage temperatures or in mobile situations during periods of cold weather. To accelerate the reaction time of SensorTack® gel we have developed the SensorTack® heating box.

Characteristics: Built-in level indicator enables the sensor to be positioned completely level, no impairment of the sensor function through the ingress of dirt or dust during curing process, can be used at temperatures below freezing point, consumes only 4 Watt at 12 Volt
Note: 12 Volt cigar lighter cable included.
Power consumption: 4 Watt
Voltage (output): 12 Volt

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