SensorTack® Ready+ Plus Combination kit Type 8 - 13360170

SensorTack® Ready+ Plus Combination kit Type 8 - 13360170

Product Code: 13360170
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CITROEN Berlingo II (08-18) ‐ EUROCODE: 2741
CITROEN C5 (08-17) ‐ EUROCODE: 2740
PEUGEOT 308 (07-13) ‐ EUROCODE: 6554
PEUGEOT 308 CC (09-13) ‐ EUROCODE: 6559
PEUGEOT 3008/5008 (09-16) ‐ EUROCODE: 6560
PEUGEOT Partner Tepee (08-18) ‐ EUROCODE: 6558
VOLVO S60/V60 (10-18) ‐ EUROCODE: 8841
VOLVO S80/V70 (07-) ‐ EUROCODE: 8836
VOLVO XC60 (08-17) ‐ EUROCODE: 8840

Most square-type sensors can now be repaired using either SensorTack® 2 gel or SensorTack® Ready+ pads. However, for those square-type sensors incorporating raised features on the face of the optical unit,a repair was not previously possible if the pad was damaged and the complete unit had to be replaced.

Now, with SensorTack® Ready+ Plus, we have developed a repair solution: you can replace the damaged pads by using SensorTack® Ready+ Plus combination kit, which comprises both an already shaped silicone pad and a supply of SensorTack® 1 gel. Simply remove the damaged silicone pad from the sensor optical surface and remove the existing silicone from the face of the sensor. Clean the surface thoroughly and apply the SensorTack® 1 gel to the face of the sensor unit allowing the gel to cover all the raised features. Allow to cure. Then carefully place the new SensorTack® Ready+ Pad in position.

It takes only a few minutes to re-apply the sensor to the windscreen!

Length: 50 mm
Width: 37 mm

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